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Friday, May 13, 2005

Wow, has it really been that long since I've posted? Almost a year? Whoo...tempus fugit, indeed.

So much to say! First of all, on a personal note, my beloved Davey and I are now engaged! Our wedding is set for May 20th, 2006 at Stokesay Castle in Reading, PA. And surprise, surprise: it's going to be a medieval/fantasy themed wedding. I know it's a year ahead, but I'm already scoping out bands, decorations, and all manner of lovely Ren Faire type things to make our wedding day one-of-a-kind. Here's my dress. Quite comely, eh squire?

On the writing front, the second installment in Song of the Elements is now complete, and I'm currently hard at work on the third, Water. Ive made a few updates on the Writings Page reflecting all novels and novels-to-be, as well as added some delightful new pics, so go ahead and check them out! This one is my favorite, of course. Oh, that wacky Jey!

By the way, if you're interested in reading one of my short stories, the often foretold Listen to the Future is now available on www.adifferentdrum.com and http://www.amazon.com. It's a fantastic sci-fi anthology with a unique music soundtrack, so if you like that kind of stuff, I highly recommend it. Not that I'm biased, or anything...

As a final note, I've received some very positive news on Elysia. Hopefully, if all goes well, I'll be announcing something momentous within the next few weeks. Cross your fingers for me!

Hugs, Love, and Natural 20s,

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Well, I'm just back from Otakon, and wowza, did it go fast!

I've been going to Otakon for 5 years now, but this was the first time I was a dealer there. Dave and I got to see a very different side of the convention hall: namely, the underside. Big empty tunnels, loading docks, access corridors, etc. It's a cavernous place, especially when you're trying to figure out how to get several heavy boxes of cds where they're supposed to go!

Highlights of the con:
  • Jessica and Sara, the nicest dealers' room staff in the world. They really went out of their way to help us out and keep our obnoxious neighbors from drowning us out entirely.
  • As always, hanging out and talking with Novablade's Trish and Damien. I'm incredibly glad we got to know those guys. So talented, so nice, so much fun! I only wish we lived closer, so we could see each other more often.
  • Meeting up with Leigh Bader, aka Sol, of Lost Soleil. One of the most amazing artists I've ever met, and a sweetheart to boot. She gave me a Zephyr pic! I wuv her!
  • Seeing the preliminary version of the Non D.E. Films fan-parody on Saturday night. There could have been a few more laughs for my character's lines, but we'll work on making it better. Overall, I thought the audience reaction was pretty good. "I have a train to catch. A train...called justice." Go me!
  • Eating at Johnny Rocket's with our old buddy Dave, the prettiest cosplayer of them all. ^_^
  • Wearing my Cross-Dressing Red Mage costume(tm) and having my picture taken with an awesome Fighter and Black Mage (see my photo page). Seriously, the world has never seen a better Light Warriors photo. If only Thief was there...
  • Defending my l33t Red Mageyness against some silly heckler who thought that I was useless to the team. "Red Mage, you suck! You can't do anything right!" "Oh, yeah? Well, I got a 20-sided die that would disagree with you, buddy!"
  • Selling 350 cds! Our personal best (though the 20,000+ attendees may have had something to do with the high sales...)
  • Lots of time with my Davey, who I am falling more and more in love with every day. (awww...)

In writing news, there's just the usual: working on Song of the Elements: Fire, obsessing over my characters, sending out all sorts of agent query letters, daydreaming about gently waving fields of acceptance notices, and becoming more like good old perverted Jey every day (evil grin). Leigh's be-oooo-tiful portrait of Zephyr will be gracing these pages very soon, and then, she'll start on my water cleric, Evadne. Can't wait!

Speaking of excitement, can I get a "Huzzah" up in here? Ren Faire season is upon us once again! Davey and I are planning on going to the Maryland Fest sometime in the next month, and after that, maybe the Pennsylvania one with the Jersey crew. That reminds me: got to get to work on "remodeling" the Evadne costume! I have pics from last year of me as Evadne, but I was a lot plumper then, plus the blouse was a little low-cut, and most of the pictures feature a rather (un?)fortunate amount of bra-flashing. I'm also going to spray my hair black this year, so I'll be hardcore. Pics coming, fo' sure.

As a final note, I love 8-bit Theater. Always have, always will. I met Brian Clevinger at Connecticon, and he was a fun guy. But I gotta say, I just don't like what he did recently regarding Red Mage. In one of the last episodes, he had Thief say to Black Mage, "Oh, and Red Mage? You cannot tell him this, but he's not really a crossdresser, and he doesn't have daddy issues. I've just been messing with his head."

Now, I admit that's pretty funny, but I feel so bad for my poor Red Mage! The things that make him my favorite character are his fragile psyche, angsty past, and his prediliction for women's clothing. And now, to learn that none of it is true? It's just a trick played by a lying, poncy-shoed elf? Truly, my world has shattered!

Well, no matter. RM still roxxors my boxxors and my soxxors. And I shall continue to cosplay as cross-dressing Red Mage/Debora (tm) wherever I happen to go for my monthly quota of nerdular nerdence. (Next trip: Ubercon, Secaucus, NJ, October. Be there and be square.

Love, natural 20s, and fairie kisses to everyone!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Remember how I told you about the "Listen to the Future" book/CD coming out this summer? Of course you do: it's written in the post right before this one. Anyway, I just got to hear the song which is meant to accompany my story - it's a fantastic synthy song by Cosmicity (aka Mark Nicholas) called "An Unbiased Observation of Human Emotion." It captures the mood of the story perfectly, and I am soooooo excited for the actual release of the book/CD. I can't tell you what a thrill it is to hear my own writing echoed in the lyrics of such an incredible song! Watch A Different Drum for its release, hopefully sometime in the next few months.

What else? Well, I've been commissioning portraits of all four of the main characters from Song of the Elements from a fantabulous artist named Leigh Bader (check out her site, Lost Soleil). Through her artistic genius, I'm proud to introduce Solanjey Agni Bel-Feronia to the world. Isn't he purty? Stay tuned, because Tristan is next.

This is kind of late notice, but Dave and I will be down in NC this weekend at Animazement. It's a cool little con with a great schedule, so if you're in the area, come on down to the Imperial Sheraton in Raleigh!

Song of the Elements: Fire continues to come along nicely, though I'm having a bit of trouble with the bad guys. Why are good villains so hard to write? They have to be scary and creepy, but also human, but also appealing, but also detestable...argh.

Well, I guess I'll shut up for now. More updates to come, on a much more frequent basis. It's my promise to you.

Happy Summer,

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

New clothes. New car smell. New moons. Randy Newman. Everyone likes "new," right?

Well, surf on, friend, 'cause I got your new stuff right here! First of all, I decided on titles for all four of my novels - yes, four, you heard me - and added the most recent novel to the Writings page. I also added a few links on the appropriate page: A Different Drum, the best record label in the world, and NovaBlade Studios, where you can get yourself a hot bowl o' hentai and more.

Want to see my first sci-fi effort? Go check out "Creation" on the Writings page. It's just an excerpt for now, but if you want to read the whole thing, look for Listen to the Future, a new sci-fi anthology and CD project to be released in Summer 2004 by A Different Drum. I'm so excited!

Hmm...what else is new? Well, I've finished with Robot Antics: The Novel and decided that its actual title is the much simpler and more elegant Elysia. Now, I'm busy working on the next novel. The next novel, I've recently decided, shall be a continuation of Song of the Elements (previously titled Earth, Air, Water, Fire). My plan, ambitious though it may be, is to write four novels for that series. Thus, the first novel will be called Song of the Elements: Air, the second Song of the Elements: Fire, and so on. Pretty cool, huh? Fire's going well so far, and I've some positively devious ideas to enrich and torture my poor characters. Meh heh heh.

If you're reading this site at all, it's a safe bet that you appreciate fantasy. Either that, or you're looking for Fairietale porn (which I wouldn't rule out in this day and age). Either way, you'd be a perfect attendee at I-Con. It's March 26th weekend in Stony Brook, NY, so come over and see me in the dealers' room.


Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Heya, peoples.

Still plugging away on "Robot Antics," and having a grand old time doing so. I got some serious writing time this weekend, thanks to my industrious sweetie and a whole lotta nothing-to-do. So that one's coming along nicely, and may even be done this year! I'm working on getting a synopsis and character profiles for the site.

Let me just say something: the part in The Two Towers where the elfie general dies in battle is one of the saddest things I've seen. I'm not sure why it's so sad, since lots of people die in the battle. I think because he's so pretty, and everything gets all slow-motiony. Or something like that. Sniff.

Been role-playing a lot lately. It's just run-of-the-mill tabletop Dungeons and Dragons, but it's a hoot. I'm actually playing a male character from my last book in one of the campaigns, and it's particularly interesting to flirt with female NPC's in-game. I've often said that I should do more research and study into the male psyche, since I'm not entirely comfortable with my skill in writing male characters convincingly. My boys tend to be...well...a little feminine and emotional. Not that men aren't emotional, but I want to do better. Continual growth! Onwards and upwards!

The Big Apple Anime Fest was a bust. Barely any cosplayers, very few viewing rooms, and lots of confused staff. I arrived on Saturday night and offered to pay full price for a Saturday pass -- and they acted like I was asking a really big favor. As it turned out, it wasn't really worth the money. I think I'll just stick to AnimeNext as my New York area con.

Speaking of which, why don't you nip on over to AnimeNext? It's October 3rd weekend in Rye Town, NY, and it's going to be a heck of a party. My sweetie and I will be working in the dealer's room, selling CDs for A Different Drum. Never heard of A Different Drum, you say? Well, they're the best synthpop/80's pop/electronic/dance record label ever. And they're independent, so when you buy from ADD, you know that none of your money is going to that icky RIAA. Stop on by and get some happy, bouncy, funky music!

Love and Peace,

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

And a big ol' Fairietales greetings to anyone who happens to be reading this. How you doin'? Good? Great.

"The Star and the Vine" is currently being reviewed by an agent in Brooklyn, and I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from her. It's the second bite I've gotten so far, so we'll see if it turns into a yummy catch. (It's summer, so the fishing metaphor seems fitting. Mmm....fish.)

In the meantime, I'm still working on the "Air, Earth, Fire, Water" synopsis and desperately trying to think of a title. I kind of like "Breezes of Alcyone" or "Dance of the Elements," though both titles are relatively non-descriptive, not to mention kinda cheezy. Hey, I'll tell you what -- if anyone has any ideas for the title of a book about four elemental magic-users going on a quest and falling in love, send in your idea, and if I choose it, I'll give you a prize. I'm not sure what I'll give you, but it'll be good, I promise. Anime DVDs, perhaps? Lord knows I have enough of them.

And the writing of "Robot Antics" (my sweetie's facetious name for the current in-process novel) is going quite well. My villainess is acting suitably vicious and creepy, and my heros are being all noble and conflicted. Well, except for Tyll, who is just being his self-motivated, cold-blooded robot self. I'll try to get a page for the novel up soon, as soon as I figure out a title. Titles, titles, titles! Sometimes I think writing the actual book is much easier than giving it a freakin' title.

Rae's pick of the week: if you like ethereal, ethnic, Delerium-esque writing music, go to www.wigshoprecords.com/home.html and check out E.S. Posthumus. I saw an anime music video at Otakon featuring Posthumus' song "Nara," and it was love at first ethnopluck. I ordered the CD and haven't stopped playing it since (much to my sweetie's chagrin).

Well, I guess that's enough out of me. I'm going to stop by the Big Apple Anime Fest this weekend, so that should be fun. And you can bet if anything interesting happens, I'll be writing about it in my good old blog! ^_~

Light laughter and sweet water,

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Hello! I've taken a bit of break from blogging, but I am still very much alive. My sweetie has informed me that I should be updating this more often, so I've decided to take his advice. He's always right about everything, you see. ^_^

So, what's up with me? Well, I've just come back from Otakon, where I managed to meet my favorite Japanese pop singer, Mr. Takanori Nishikawa. I was star-struck and more than a little giggly, but I think I handled myself admirably. I refrained from tackling him and instead had two very short, happy conversations with him and shook his little hand twice. He really is adorable. I'm waiting to see just how far his career will go in the U.S. Probably no farther than the anime and manga crowd, seeing as most Americans disdain music which is not in English (or Spanish, I guess.)

I also recently came back from a trip to the U.K., where I sang with my choir, The Bach Choir of Bethlehem. We performed in some really great venues, we saw a lot of very old stone things, and I found myself inspired by several ideas concerning the book I'm currently writing.

Oh, yeah, my books! That's the point of the site, isn't it? I guess I ought to talk about that a little, assuming anyone's managed to wade this far into this post.

Well, I finished "Earth, Air, Water, Fire" (someone help me think of a better title for that, please). I'm currently revising and writing up an official synopsis, so it should be ready to go to agents very soon. And maybe Jen Quick (www.fuzzyfeather.com)will be able to do a character portrait for it! I talked to her at Otakon this weekend, and though she's really busy with her graphic novel, she asked to see my entire book.

Never one to stop writing, I've just completed chapter 5 of "The New Untitled Novel." That's not actually the title, of course. I decided to try something a little different this time: the story is a hybrid of fantasy and a touch of sci-fi, it features artificial intelligence, and it takes place entirely in one isolated city. Oh, and the main antagonist is a woman. It has a lot more political maneuvering and power plays than the tales I've done before, and my main character has a very cynical, dark world-view. Overall, I'm really enjoying it, though I'm not exactly sure how it's going to end. But that's nothing new for me.

One last thing, I promise. If you can find it at Amazon, I highly, highly recommend "Nameless Magery" by Delia Marshall Turner. I won't go into detail, but it's one of the sexiest, funniest, most vividly emotional fantasy books I've read in a very long time. If I wasn't so impressed, I'd be insanely jealous.

Until next time, I remain...