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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

And a big ol' Fairietales greetings to anyone who happens to be reading this. How you doin'? Good? Great.

"The Star and the Vine" is currently being reviewed by an agent in Brooklyn, and I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from her. It's the second bite I've gotten so far, so we'll see if it turns into a yummy catch. (It's summer, so the fishing metaphor seems fitting. Mmm....fish.)

In the meantime, I'm still working on the "Air, Earth, Fire, Water" synopsis and desperately trying to think of a title. I kind of like "Breezes of Alcyone" or "Dance of the Elements," though both titles are relatively non-descriptive, not to mention kinda cheezy. Hey, I'll tell you what -- if anyone has any ideas for the title of a book about four elemental magic-users going on a quest and falling in love, send in your idea, and if I choose it, I'll give you a prize. I'm not sure what I'll give you, but it'll be good, I promise. Anime DVDs, perhaps? Lord knows I have enough of them.

And the writing of "Robot Antics" (my sweetie's facetious name for the current in-process novel) is going quite well. My villainess is acting suitably vicious and creepy, and my heros are being all noble and conflicted. Well, except for Tyll, who is just being his self-motivated, cold-blooded robot self. I'll try to get a page for the novel up soon, as soon as I figure out a title. Titles, titles, titles! Sometimes I think writing the actual book is much easier than giving it a freakin' title.

Rae's pick of the week: if you like ethereal, ethnic, Delerium-esque writing music, go to www.wigshoprecords.com/home.html and check out E.S. Posthumus. I saw an anime music video at Otakon featuring Posthumus' song "Nara," and it was love at first ethnopluck. I ordered the CD and haven't stopped playing it since (much to my sweetie's chagrin).

Well, I guess that's enough out of me. I'm going to stop by the Big Apple Anime Fest this weekend, so that should be fun. And you can bet if anything interesting happens, I'll be writing about it in my good old blog! ^_~

Light laughter and sweet water,

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Hello! I've taken a bit of break from blogging, but I am still very much alive. My sweetie has informed me that I should be updating this more often, so I've decided to take his advice. He's always right about everything, you see. ^_^

So, what's up with me? Well, I've just come back from Otakon, where I managed to meet my favorite Japanese pop singer, Mr. Takanori Nishikawa. I was star-struck and more than a little giggly, but I think I handled myself admirably. I refrained from tackling him and instead had two very short, happy conversations with him and shook his little hand twice. He really is adorable. I'm waiting to see just how far his career will go in the U.S. Probably no farther than the anime and manga crowd, seeing as most Americans disdain music which is not in English (or Spanish, I guess.)

I also recently came back from a trip to the U.K., where I sang with my choir, The Bach Choir of Bethlehem. We performed in some really great venues, we saw a lot of very old stone things, and I found myself inspired by several ideas concerning the book I'm currently writing.

Oh, yeah, my books! That's the point of the site, isn't it? I guess I ought to talk about that a little, assuming anyone's managed to wade this far into this post.

Well, I finished "Earth, Air, Water, Fire" (someone help me think of a better title for that, please). I'm currently revising and writing up an official synopsis, so it should be ready to go to agents very soon. And maybe Jen Quick (www.fuzzyfeather.com)will be able to do a character portrait for it! I talked to her at Otakon this weekend, and though she's really busy with her graphic novel, she asked to see my entire book.

Never one to stop writing, I've just completed chapter 5 of "The New Untitled Novel." That's not actually the title, of course. I decided to try something a little different this time: the story is a hybrid of fantasy and a touch of sci-fi, it features artificial intelligence, and it takes place entirely in one isolated city. Oh, and the main antagonist is a woman. It has a lot more political maneuvering and power plays than the tales I've done before, and my main character has a very cynical, dark world-view. Overall, I'm really enjoying it, though I'm not exactly sure how it's going to end. But that's nothing new for me.

One last thing, I promise. If you can find it at Amazon, I highly, highly recommend "Nameless Magery" by Delia Marshall Turner. I won't go into detail, but it's one of the sexiest, funniest, most vividly emotional fantasy books I've read in a very long time. If I wasn't so impressed, I'd be insanely jealous.

Until next time, I remain...